Average Earnings in Slovenia See Increase in March, Surpassing February Figures

Slovenia experienced a rise in average gross earnings for March 2023, surpassing the earnings for February in both nominal and real terms by 2.8%.

The average gross earnings for March reached EUR 2,191.85, while net earnings amounted to EUR 1,423.75. This marks an increase of 2.8% in gross earnings and 2.3% in net earnings compared to February.

Compared to March of the previous year, the nominal terms showed an increase of 9.2% in gross earnings and 9.0% in net earnings, while the real terms experienced a decrease of 1.2% in gross earnings and 1.4% in net earnings.

Earnings Surge in Public and Private Sectors

Both the public and private sectors saw an upswing in average gross earnings compared to February. The public sector witnessed a 3.6% increase (0.5% increase in the general government institutional sector), while the private sector experienced a 2.3% growth.

Financial and insurance activities boasted the highest average gross earnings at EUR 3,754.03. This sector also observed the most significant increase compared to February, with a growth rate of 31.3%, primarily driven by higher extra payments. Conversely, the administrative and support service activities reported the lowest gross earnings at EUR 1,556.23.