Spain: Annual Labor Cost Survey for the Year 2022

According to the latest press release on the annual labor cost survey, the total cost per worker in Spain during 2022 amounted to 34,286.05 euros gross, representing a 4.2% increase compared to the previous year. The annual gross salary per worker reached 25,353.22 euros, marking a 4.6% rise from 2021 and accounting for 74.0% of the total labor cost.

Detailed breakdown of the Annual Labor Cost per Worker – Year 2022:

  1. Total Labor Cost: The overall labor cost for each worker in 2022 was 34,058.83 euros, indicating a 4.1% rise.
  2. Labor Cost by Sector:
    • Industry: The labor cost in the industrial sector was 39,557.41 euros, showing a 3.1% increase.
    • Construction: The construction sector’s labor cost was 33,958.30 euros, with a 4.1% growth.
    • Services: Labor cost in the services sector amounted to 33,119.82 euros, reflecting a 4.4% surge.

It is worth noting that these figures represent the gross labor cost and do not include any subsidies or deductions received from Public Administrations.

The data from the annual labor cost survey provides insight into the evolving economic landscape of Spain and highlights the changes in labor costs across different sectors. The 4.2% overall increase in labor costs signifies economic growth and potentially improved working conditions for employees across the country.