Finnish Job Seekers’ Statistics for the First Half of 2023

Finland’s job market has seen a total of 629,785 job seekers during the period from January to June 2023, according to the latest report on job seekers based on profession and education level in different regions of the country.

Education Level-wise Breakdown:

  • Lower Basic Education: 12,965 job seekers
  • Higher Basic Education: 104,002 job seekers
  • Secondary Education: 315,238 job seekers
  • Specialized Vocational Education: 3,784 job seekers
  • Lower Tertiary Education: 33,210 job seekers
  • Lower University Education: 61,822 job seekers
  • Higher University Education: 44,355 job seekers
  • Research Education Level: 2,933 job seekers
  • No Post-Basic Education or Education Level Unknown: 51,476 job seekers

Age Group-wise Breakdown:

  • Young Job Seekers (15-24 years): 77,985 job seekers
  • Job Seekers (25-49 years): 352,924 job seekers
  • Job Seekers (50 years and above): 198,876 job seekers

Gender-wise Breakdown:

  • Male Job Seekers: 330,002 job seekers
  • Young Male Job Seekers (15-24 years): 44,872 job seekers
  • Male Job Seekers (25-49 years): 179,565 job seekers
  • Male Job Seekers (50 years and above): 105,565 job seekers
  • Female Job Seekers: 299,766 job seekers
  • Young Female Job Seekers (15-24 years): 33,113 job seekers
  • Female Job Seekers (25-49 years): 173,344 job seekers
  • Female Job Seekers (50 years and above): 93,309 job seekers

The statistics reveal that the number of job seekers is distributed across different education levels, age groups, and gender categories. The report aims to provide an overview of Finland’s labor market and assist policymakers and stakeholders in addressing unemployment challenges and designing targeted employment programs.