Finland Travel Abroad Statistics: April 2023 vs. May 2023

In the months of April and May 2023, there were significant changes in international travel from Finland, with notable variations in trip types and purposes. The data reveals interesting insights into the travel patterns during this period.

Overall, the total number of trips abroad increased by 37% from April to May, reaching a total of 750,000 trips in May. This surge in travel activity also resulted in a 55% increase in overnight stays, totaling 4,470,000 nights in May.

Leisure Travel:

In the leisure travel category, there was a substantial increase in the number of trips. In May, there were 640,000 leisure trips, representing a 21% rise from April. The number of overnight stays also experienced a notable boost of 60%, totaling 4,050,000 nights. Most of these trips (62%) involved staying overnight at the destination, while others preferred day trips or cruises.

Business Travel:

Business travel also saw an upswing during this period. May recorded a 37% increase in business trips, totaling 170,000 trips. These trips accounted for 850,000 overnight stays, showing a remarkable 54% increase from the previous month.

Travel Duration and Package Tours:

On average, travelers spent 6.4 nights abroad for leisure purposes in May, while business travelers spent an average of 3.4 nights. The median duration of both leisure and business trips was 3 nights.

Regarding package tours, they played a significant role in travel choices, with 20% of all trips falling under this category in May. Package tours accounted for 20% of leisure trips and 11% of business trips.

It’s important to note that data regarding cruises with overnight stays only on the ship was not available for these months.

The statistics demonstrate a notable rebound in international travel from Finland, particularly in leisure and business segments. As travel restrictions eased, more people ventured abroad, contributing to the growth of the travel industry. The data also indicates the importance of package tours in facilitating travel arrangements and providing travelers with convenient and comprehensive experiences.