French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a significant speech in Nouméa

As part of his official visit to New Caledonia, President Emmanuel Macron traveled to the Place des Cocotiers in Nouméa to address the residents of the territory.

During his speech, the Head of State highlighted the progress made over the past five years, particularly in conducting consultations in accordance with the Nouméa Accord. These consultations have been essential in shaping the future of New Caledonia.

President Macron expressed his belief in the will of the Calédonians and their representatives to reimagine the future of the territory after the periods of the Matignon and Nouméa agreements. He emphasized the importance of embracing the principles of republican universalism while respecting the unique characteristics and particularities of New Caledonia. Through this approach, the goal is to establish sustainable institutions that can foster growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, the President underlined the significance of New Caledonia in the context of the Indo-Pacific region. The territory represents a pivotal French presence in the area, with nearly 1.5 million French citizens residing there and over 8,000 soldiers deployed in the region.

The speech by President Emmanuel Macron resonated with the people of New Caledonia, emphasizing a shared commitment to building a future that upholds the values of diversity, unity, and progress.