CISA Unveils Infrastructure Resilience Planning Framework Launchpoint for Enhanced Community Preparedness

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has introduced the Infrastructure Resilience Planning Framework (IRPF) Launchpoint, an innovative resource designed to aid users in swiftly navigating IRPF guidance and concepts tailored to their distinct requirements.

The IRPF Launchpoint functions as a self-appraisal tool, empowering users to contemplate the resilience objectives of their communities and initiate the integration of critical infrastructure resilience into their planning endeavors. By offering targeted direction towards specific IRPF guidance, resources, and templates, the Launchpoint assists users in establishing a robust approach to addressing their unique needs.

Dr. David Mussington, the Executive Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, lauded the IRPF Launchpoint as a valuable asset developed by the Resilience Services Branch. Mussington highlighted the tool’s ability to provide state, local, tribal, territorial, and regional planners with actionable insights, enabling them to optimize the Infrastructure Resilience Planning Framework to safeguard their communities effectively.

With infrastructure serving as the cornerstone of communities, furnishing indispensable services and catalyzing health, safety, and economic advancement, CISA’s IRPF offers flexible guidance to planners on various levels. The framework aids in enhancing community resilience by proactively addressing critical infrastructure dependencies within existing planning initiatives.

The IRPF Launchpoint represents CISA’s commitment to advancing preparedness, safeguarding communities, and mitigating potential disruptions to vital infrastructure. This strategic move aligns with CISA’s ongoing efforts to ensure the nation’s security and well-being in the face of evolving challenges.