Investments Grow by 7 Percent in June in the Netherlands

The volume of investments in tangible fixed assets in June 2023 was 7.0 percent higher than the previous year, according to the CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics). This growth is mainly due to increased investments in transportation, machinery, infrastructure, and buildings.

It’s important to note that these numbers have not been adjusted for the number of working days. June 2023 had one more working day compared to June 2022. According to the CBS Investment Radar, the conditions for investments in August are less favorable compared to June.

Investment Conditions Less Favorable in August The CBS provides monthly updates on the conditions for investments through the Investment Radar. Investments are influenced by factors such as market conditions and financial market situations. The indicators from the radar are closely related to investments in fixed assets. However, an improvement in conditions doesn’t necessarily mean there will be greater growth or smaller decline in investments.

The investment conditions are less favorable in August compared to June, as indicated by the CBS Investment Radar. This is primarily due to the industry’s less positive assessment of their order position and a decrease in industrial capacity utilization.