China Focuses on Developing Standard System to Support Emerging Industries by 2025

In a joint effort, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, along with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Energy Administration, and the National Standards Committee, has issued the “Implementation Plan for the Leading Project of New Industry Standardization (2023-2035)”. This plan aims to enhance the standardization system progressively and guide the innovative development of emerging and future industries.

A representative from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that new industries refer to emerging and future industries that grow through the application of new technologies. Standardization plays a fundamental and leading role in promoting the development of these industries. The plan focuses on promoting the innovative development of emerging industries and seizing opportunities for future industrial development. It targets eight major emerging industries, including the next-generation information technology, new energy, and new materials, as well as nine future industries, including metaverse, brain-computer interfaces, and quantum information. The plan aims to coordinate the research, formulation, implementation, and internationalization of standards.

The plan outlines a “three-step” goal for the years 2025, 2030, and 2035. By 2025, the standard system supporting the development of emerging industries will be progressively improved, and standards driving the innovation of future industries will be rapidly established. The proportion of standard achievements in general key technologies and applied scientific and technological projects will exceed 60%, resulting in more efficient linkage between standards and industrial technological innovation. Over 2,000 new national and industry standards will be established, with more than 300 advanced group standards cultivated. The role of standards in guiding high-quality industry development will become even more robust.

The responsible representative from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology mentioned that the plan has defined five major tasks based on the standardization needs of different stages of new industry development. These tasks include establishing a system, strengthening capabilities, focusing on emerging industries, planning for the future, and expanding the scope. The plan particularly emphasizes comprehensive promotion of the establishment of emerging industry standards and specifies key directions for standard formulation.

Looking ahead, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in collaboration with relevant departments, will continue to improve the standard system for emerging industries and proactively plan for the research of future industrial standards. This effort will provide robust technological support to accelerate the high-quality development of new industries.