Economic Support Measures for Extreme Weather Events like “Hans”

The extreme weather event “Hans” caused extensive flooding and landslide damage. Fortunately, there are robust and predictable economic measures in place to ensure that individuals, municipalities, and counties are not left alone to bear the heavy financial burden.

Various financial measures are applicable in situations like the extreme weather event “Hans.” Hard-hit municipalities can apply for discretionary grants through the State Governor, while counties can directly apply to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. Private homeowners and businesses are covered by natural disaster insurance, ensuring that they are not left stranded if their properties are damaged by natural disasters. For farmers and landowners, the natural disaster scheme covers aspects such as cultivated land, bridges, and roads.

Discretionary Grants (Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation)

Through discretionary grants, municipalities and counties affected by natural disasters can receive partial compensation for their expenses. This scheme ensures that entities facing significant damages receive prompt financial support. Covered expenses include costs related to cleanup, expenses during the acute phase, and expenses for rebuilding and repairing municipal infrastructure to its original standard.

About the Discretionary Grants Scheme

Natural Disaster Insurance (Ministry of Justice and Public Security)

Buildings and movable property insured against fire damage are automatically covered against natural disasters. Ordinary insurance companies provide natural disaster compensation after a calamity. In many countries, individuals risk being left without assistance if their homes are destroyed by natural disasters. In Norway, this scheme ensures security for individuals.

About Natural Disaster Insurance

Coverage for Relocation due to Landslide Hazard (Ministry of Justice and Public Security)

The rules for natural disaster insurance apply when a fire-insured building is damaged in a natural disaster, and the municipality prohibits repairs or reconstruction on the damage site due to the risk of further natural damage. The right to natural disaster insurance was expanded on January 1, 2018, to better serve those who need to relocate due to the risk of further natural damage.

More about Natural Disaster Insurance for Relocation due to Landslide Hazard

Natural Disaster Scheme (Ministry of Agriculture and Food)

The State’s natural disaster scheme provides compensation for damages to private property that cannot be covered by ordinary insurance. This includes cultivated land, bridges, and roads.

About the Natural Disaster Scheme

Infrastructure Repair (Ministry of Transport and Communications)

Transport authorities are responsible for repairing state roads, bridges, and railways.

Security Measures and Prevention (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy)

In addition to the aforementioned measures, support measures for preventive actions are available.

Municipalities and private individuals can apply to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) for support in implementing security measures in areas with built-up infrastructure where risk zones have been identified and mapped.

Security measures encompass physical measures designed to protect against landslides, floods, erosion, or to decrease the likelihood of landslide triggers. Following significant events, there might also be damage to existing security installations.

NVE currently receives approximately 500 million NOK for the prevention of flood and landslide damage. This is primarily aimed at prevention related to existing built-up areas.