Multiple Vulnerabilities Detected in Mozilla Products, French Cybersecurity Advisory

A recent advisory from CERT-FR, the French national computer security incident response team, highlights several vulnerabilities discovered in Mozilla products. These vulnerabilities pose risks such as remote code execution, data confidentiality breaches, and security policy bypass.

Key Points:

  • Affected Systems: The vulnerabilities impact various versions of Mozilla’s products, including:
    • Firefox versions prior to 117
    • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) versions prior to 102.15 or 115.2
    • Thunderbird versions prior to 102.15 or 115.2
  • Nature of Vulnerabilities: The vulnerabilities encompass a range of risks, including:
    • Remote code execution
    • Data confidentiality compromise
    • Bypassing security policies
    • Remote denial of service
  • Action Required: Users of affected Mozilla products are strongly advised to take action promptly. Mozilla has released security bulletins to address these vulnerabilities. Refer to the official documentation for obtaining the necessary patches.
  • CVE References: The vulnerabilities have been assigned Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifiers for reference and tracking:
    • CVE-2023-4051 to CVE-2023-4585

This advisory emphasizes the importance of promptly updating affected Mozilla products to mitigate the risk of potential cyberattacks exploiting these vulnerabilities. Users are urged to follow the provided links to obtain detailed information and apply the appropriate security patches.

For more information:

Users and organizations are strongly encouraged to stay vigilant and promptly implement the necessary security measures to ensure the safety of their systems and data.