Vulnerability in VMware Tools

A critical security vulnerability has been identified in VMware Tools, a widely-used software suite for managing virtual machines. This flaw, tracked as CVE-2023-20900, poses a significant risk as it allows attackers to bypass security policies.

Affected Systems:

  • VMware Tools versions 10.3.x to 12.x on Windows (prior to 12.3.0)
  • VMware Tools versions 10.3.x on Linux (prior to 10.3.26)
  • VMware Tools (open-vm-tools) versions 10.3.x to 12.x on Linux (prior to 12.3.0)

Organizations and individuals using these versions of VMware Tools are strongly advised to take immediate action.

Solution: To mitigate this vulnerability, users are urged to apply the patches provided by VMware. Detailed information on these patches can be found in the security bulletin released by the company.

Ignoring this critical issue could leave systems exposed to potential security breaches. Promptly applying the necessary updates is essential to maintain a secure computing environment.