Encouragement for the Fishing Industry to Apply for Gender Equality Funding

The Norwegian government plans to allocate 2 million Norwegian kroner to promote gender equality in the fishing industry in 2024. They are urging stakeholders within the fishing sector to apply for these funds.

“It should be safe to work as a fisher on all fishing vessels, regardless. While significant progress has been made, the industry still has work to do. I hope that these projects will pave the way, encouraging more women to join the fishing industry and achieve better gender balance in the profession,” stated Bjørnar Skjæran, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

The government acknowledges that the fishing industry still has room for improvement in terms of gender equality. Therefore, they are providing 2 million Norwegian kroner for gender equality projects. Stakeholders in the fishing industry are now encouraged to apply for funding, including individuals, companies, institutions, organizations, or foundations.

Crucial for Recruitment

Projects and initiatives aimed at recruiting more women as fishermen and fishing boat owners will be given priority.

“In order to enhance women’s opportunities in the fishing industry, we must work on raising awareness, both against sexual harassment and gender-discriminatory behavior. Additionally, structural adjustments are needed to ensure equal opportunities for women and men to succeed. The government and the industry must collaborate to strengthen recruitment because it has significant ripple effects when young girls and boys settle along the coastlines and envision a future in the fishing industry,” emphasized Minister Skjæran.

The funded projects are expected to benefit the community and have a national, regional, or local impact.

Allocation Criteria and Priorities

  • Initiatives that contribute to the recruitment of more women as fishermen and fishing boat owners and encourage women to stay longer in the profession.
  • Measures that enhance awareness of women’s opportunities in the fishing industry.
  • Actions that promote the significance of women as a recruitment base for the fisheries.
  • Efforts to combat sexual harassment and gender-discriminatory behavior in the fishing industry.
  • Support for networks for female fishermen that provide information and protect women’s interests as current or future fishermen.
  • Assistance for initiatives related to cultural outreach and awareness-building within the fishing and seafood sector, with the aim of achieving better gender equality.

For further information and application details, interested parties can contact the relevant authorities.