Netherlands: Ministerial and State Secretary Portfolio Redistribution

Following the departure of Minister Bruins Slot, the responsibilities of the officials at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations have been reshuffled. As part of this reorganization, some duties have been transferred from the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to the State Secretary.

Key Changes

  1. Public Housing and Spatial Planning in the Caribbean Netherlands: These responsibilities have been transferred to the State Secretary.
  2. Coordination of Slavery History Apologies: The State Secretary now takes on a coordinating role in addressing apologies for the history of slavery. The Minister remains involved and responsible from their own portfolio, participating in the ministerial steering committee.
  3. Management of Government Operations: The State Secretary assumes responsibility for nearly all tasks related to the functioning of the national government, both in terms of policy and execution. The Minister retains responsibility for Government Procurement, Facility Management, and Government Housing Policy due to their connection with the National Real Estate Agency, which also falls under the Minister’s purview.
  4. Oversight of the Progress Report on the Nationwide Strategy for Combating Disinformation: The State Secretary will lead the coordination of the progress report on the nationwide strategy for an effective disinformation response.