Indonesia Celebrates Record-Breaking Village Tourism Awards

At the 2023 Indonesian Village Tourism Awards (ADWI), a total of 14 participants received prestigious ADWI awards while simultaneously breaking records recognized by the Museum of Records Indonesia (MURI).

The evening of the Indonesian Village Tourism Awards (ADWI) for 2023, held at Sasono Utomo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) on Sunday, August 27, 2023, was truly exceptional compared to previous years. During the ADWI event, 14 recipients of ADWI awards also achieved the remarkable feat of breaking MURI records.

These awards were symbolically presented by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Menparekraf/Baparekraf), Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno. The 2023 Indonesian Village Tourism Awards (ADWI) recognized 14 village tourism destinations for their outstanding contributions.

MURI, the Museum of Records Indonesia, bestowed these awards in recognition of the allure, uniqueness, and potential possessed by these village tourism destinations. It is expected that these awards will further boost tourist interest and visits to these remarkable locations.

“Last year, three village tourism destinations received MURI records, but this year, 14 village tourism destinations achieved this recognition. This award demonstrates how captivating the diverse tourism potential in these villages is,” stated Minister Sandiaga Uno.

During this occasion, Minister Sandiaga expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the Museum of Records Indonesia (MURI) in recognizing and awarding village tourism destinations in Indonesia. He emphasized how this increased recognition would stimulate curiosity among both the local population and international tourists, thus contributing to the creation of 4.4 million jobs by 2024.

Minister Sandiaga also pointed out that through ADWI, village tourism destinations have a platform for promoting the potential of Indonesian village tourism to both domestic and international tourists. Additionally, this initiative encourages regions to establish new village tourism destinations, further boosting the local economy.

Here are the 14 village tourism destinations that participated in ADWI 2023 and achieved MURI records:

  1. Pulau Penyengat Village Tourism: Holds the most manuscripts.
  2. Perkampungan Adat Nagari Sijunjung Village Tourism: Features the longest row of Minangkabau traditional houses.
  3. Botubarani Village Tourism: Known for having the most whale shark habitat close to land.
  4. Muntei Village Tourism: Possesses the oldest body tattoo art (tattoo) in Indonesia.
  5. Tari Rebo Village Tourism: Houses the largest variety of sago starch processing centers.
  6. Kwau Village Tourism: The first village tourism with a bird dancer habitat.
  7. Soinrat Village Tourism: Known for having the longest natural phenomenon of ebbing sea waters.
  8. Iboih Village Tourism: Has the largest population of dolphins.
  9. Bukit Batu Village Tourism: Holds the widest history of maritime supremacy.
  10. Kelawi Village Tourism: The first village tourism with a variety of avocado fruits in Kelawi Village.
  11. Duren Sari Sawahan Village Tourism: Known for having the widest durian forest area.
  12. Towale Village Tourism: The village with the most weavers.
  13. Besani Village Tourism: The initiator of the longest opak production.
  14. Wukirsari Village Tourism: Known for having the most batik artisans.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) recorded a total of 4,674 village tourism destinations in Indonesia in 2023. This figure represents a 36.7% increase compared to the previous year, when there were only 3,419 village tourism destinations.

The assessment of village tourism destinations is related to their digital and creative utilization in promoting village tourism through digitalization. Additionally, it encompasses village tourism institutions and national-standard cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability (CHSE) certification.

It’s important to note that the development of village tourism aims to transform villages into tourism destinations by combining natural and cultural attractions, public tourism facilities, and adequate accessibility with the customs and traditions of village life.