Korea: Spring Potato Production Soars in 2023

Sejong, South Korea – The Korean Statistical Office has released the results of the 2023 Spring Potato Production Survey, revealing a significant increase in potato production compared to the previous year.

Key Highlights:

  • Impressive Yield Increase: The spring potato production for 2023 has recorded a remarkable upswing, totaling 358,022 tons. This marks a substantial growth of 54,811 tons, equivalent to an 18.1% increase compared to the previous year’s 303,211 tons.
  • Expanded Cultivation: The survey also disclosed an expansion in the cultivation of spring potatoes. In 2023, the total cultivated area for spring potatoes reached 14,699 hectares. This represents a notable increase of 1,682 hectares, or 12.9%, compared to the previous year’s 13,017 hectares.
  • Enhanced Yield Per Area: The yield per unit area of spring potatoes demonstrated improvement as well. In 2023, the production per 10 acres (approximately 4.05 hectares) amounted to 2,436 kilograms, marking an increase of 107 kilograms, or 4.6%, compared to the previous year’s 2,329 kilograms.

These statistics indicate a positive trend in the spring potato production sector in Korea for the year 2023. The increased production and expanded cultivation area are encouraging signs for both farmers and consumers alike, reflecting the industry’s dedication to meeting the demand for this staple crop.