Spain’s Service Sector Price Indices for 2023Q2 Released

The latest data from INEbase reveals the price indices for Spain’s service sector in the second quarter of 2023. These indices provide insights into the changes in prices across various service sectors, reflecting economic trends and consumer behavior.

Here are some key highlights from the report:

  • Transportation: The price index for maritime cargo transportation stood at 104.568, showing a slight decrease from the previous quarter. In contrast, the price index for passenger air transportation witnessed a notable increase, reaching 106.741.
  • Storage and Warehousing: The price index for storage and warehousing services reached 106.085, reflecting a steady growth trend.
  • Postal and Courier Services: Activities in postal and courier services saw a positive trend, with the price index reaching 131.187, indicating increased demand for these services.
  • Telecommunications and Information Services: The price index for telecommunications services remained stable at 90.700. Meanwhile, the price index for information services, including data processing and web portals, showed a slight increase to 109.555.
  • Legal and Economic Consulting: The combined price index for legal and economic consulting services reached 107.813, demonstrating stability in this sector.
  • Technical Services: Price indices for technical services related to architecture, engineering, and technical analysis all indicated modest growth.
  • Advertising and Market Research: The advertising sector experienced growth, with the price index reaching 96.964. Market research activities also showed a positive trend, with a price index of 112.756.
  • Employment and Security Services: Activities related to employment and security both saw price index increases, reflecting the importance of these services.
  • Cleaning Services: The price index for cleaning services stood at 105.037, highlighting its stability in the market.

These indices provide valuable insights into the performance of Spain’s service sector, which plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. They can help businesses, policymakers, and investors better understand market dynamics and make informed decisions.

For more detailed information, including sector-specific data and analysis, you can refer to the INEbase report for the second quarter of 2023.