Artificial Intelligence Should Be Used for the Benefit of People

In a conference titled “Artificial Intelligence: Creativity, Ethics, Law, and Market,” hosted and organized by Undersecretary of State Sen. Lucia Borgonzoni and held at the Ministry of Culture in Rome on September 19, the Director General of ACN, Prefect Bruno Frattasi, expressed his perspective on artificial intelligence (AI). He positioned himself among the realists when it comes to AI, stating, “I stick to what I see. And what I see is a reality that certainly can raise concerns, but for now, it reveals many significant advantages for our lives.”

During the conference, the Director General emphasized the importance of using artificial intelligence for the benefit of individuals. He acknowledged the worries about inhumane or dystopian consequences associated with AI but encouraged a balanced view. He said, “We all worry about inhumane or dehumanizing outcomes, as they say, dystopian or even apocalyptic. This is part of a range of concerns that I would tend to evaluate with all the necessary attention. However, we must also consider the development opportunities that AI can bring and has indeed already brought. We are not discovering AI just now, only today. AI applications have been in existence for decades. Of course, we are not talking about the latest generative AI, which has raised so much concern. But it is a tool that we can control.”

Regarding AI applications in cybersecurity, he noted that in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), there are plans to establish a significant infrastructure known as “HyperSoc.” This infrastructure will primarily focus on monitoring cybersecurity threats and will operate in conjunction with AI systems.

In summary, the Director General’s stance at the conference was clear: while recognizing the potential concerns surrounding AI, he emphasized the need to harness its development for the benefit of society and individuals.