Cost of Living Tops List of Concerns for UK Adults, ONS Survey Reveals

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released its latest findings on public opinions and social trends in Great Britain for the period from September 6 to September 17, 2023. Here are the key highlights:

  • Top Concerns: When asked about the important issues facing the UK today, the most commonly reported concerns among adults in Great Britain include the cost of living (90%), the NHS (82%), the economy (70%), climate change and the environment (61%), and housing (58%).
  • Rising Cost of Living: Over half (56%) of adults reported that their cost of living had increased compared to a month ago, with 2% stating it had decreased, and 42% reported no change.
  • Cost of Living Impact: Among those who reported an increase in their cost of living, 95% noted higher food prices, 60% experienced increased fuel costs, and 53% faced higher gas or electricity bills.
  • Adaptations to Rising Costs: In response to the rising cost of living, 69% of respondents stated they were spending less on non-essentials, 50% were shopping around more, 47% were conserving energy, and 46% were cutting back on food and essentials spending.
  • Housing Costs: For those paying rent or a mortgage, 43% reported that their payments had increased in the past six months, and 42% found it difficult to afford these payments.
  • Energy Bills: Approximately 42% of adults paying energy bills found it challenging to afford them, slightly down from the previous year.

These statistics provide insights into the pressing concerns and economic challenges faced by the British public in September 2023. The rising cost of living, particularly in terms of food and energy prices, continues to be a major issue affecting households across the country.

For detailed data and further analysis, please refer to the full ONS report.

Keywords: Cost of Living, Public Opinion, ONS Survey, Economic Trends, Housing Costs