Liu Guozhong Attends 2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival Home Event in Anhui

Liu Guozhong, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, was a notable presence at the national home event of the 2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival held in Wuhu, Anhui Province on September 23rd.

During his attendance, Liu Guozhong underscored the importance of conscientiously studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s crucial instructions. He urged the implementation of decisions and arrangements put forth by the Party Central Committee. The Vice Premier emphasized the need to harness the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of millions of farmers and various sectors of society. This concerted effort is aimed at advancing rural revitalization comprehensively and expediting the development of agricultural prowess.

Liu Guozhong took the opportunity to explore the theme exhibition titled “Listen to the Party, Be Grateful to the Party, and Follow the Party.” He also visited displays featuring agricultural science and technology equipment, as well as agricultural intangible cultural heritage. The Vice Premier actively engaged in Harvest Festival celebrations with local farmers and was recognized as one of the “Top Ten Farmers in the Country” for 2023, receiving a certificate.

During his address, Liu Guozhong highlighted that, in the sixth Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping had extended holiday greetings and heartfelt wishes to farmers nationwide and those working diligently in the “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” sector. This gesture exemplifies the Party Central Committee’s unwavering commitment to the new era.

In this new era, great importance is placed on the welfare of farmers and the development of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. As the autumn grain harvest season unfolds, the nation anticipates a bountiful yield in food and agriculture. These achievements are the result of the tireless efforts of those laboring in the “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” sector. The imperative is to anchor the vision of becoming an agricultural powerhouse, ensuring steadfast agricultural production, and fortifying the foundations of food security. Equally important is the relentless promotion of rural revitalization, with measures aimed at boosting farmers’ income, enhancing rural infrastructure, governance, and aesthetics.

Liu Guozhong further extended his visit to Jiangxi and Anhui to inspect autumn agricultural production, improvements in the rural living environment, the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements, and grassroots medical and health security.

This event underscores China’s unwavering commitment to agricultural development and rural prosperity, aligning with the nation’s broader goals of building a beautiful, prosperous countryside.