Daily Price Survey for Chuseok Holiday 2023 Underway

The Korean Statistical Office (KSO), led by Director Lee Hyeong-il, has initiated a daily price survey for the upcoming Chuseok holiday. This survey will run from September 14th to September 27th, spanning ten days, to provide essential data for the government’s livelihood stability measures.

The survey focuses on monitoring daily prices of 35 key items, including rice, beef, petroleum products, and dining-out options. These items are essential for the Chuseok holiday. The KSO conducts the survey through both in-person visits and online inquiries in seven major cities, including Seoul and Busan. The results will be promptly shared with relevant government agencies on a daily basis.

The 35 items comprise 23 agricultural and marine products, such as beef, croaker fish, and fruits; 5 processed foods, including flour and tofu; 3 petroleum products, namely kerosene, gasoline, and diesel; and 4 dining-out options, such as pork belly and chicken.

Director Lee Hyeong-il personally visited Seoul’s Namguro Market on the first day of the daily price survey to express gratitude to merchants for their cooperation. He emphasized, “The KSO is committed to providing timely price trends that serve as the foundation for Chuseok holiday product supply stability and related pricing policies. We will continue to make every effort to produce the necessary statistics accurately and promptly.”

Additionally, Director Lee encouraged and commended the surveyors for their dedication and urged them to conduct accurate surveys, considering the challenging survey environment.