Mobility Trends in Spain’s Labor Force – 2023 Insights

In the first quarter of 2023, Spain saw notable trends in labor mobility:

  • Residential Shifts: About 2.6% of workers changed municipalities within a year, mainly within their province.
  • Hometown Loyalty: Surprisingly, 28.9% of workers hadn’t moved from their birthplace.
  • Contract Influence: Mobility differed based on contract type. 4.2% of temporary contract workers moved in the past year, compared to 2.4% of permanent contract workers.

Nationality and Mobility (2023):

  • Total Employed: 20,452.8k.
  • Spanish Nationals: 17,737.4k.
  • Foreign Nationals: 2,715.4k.

Mobility among Employed:

  • Total: 531.1k relocated in the last year.
  • Spanish Nationals: 329.4k.
  • Foreign Nationals: 201.7k.

Total Unemployed:

  • Total: 3,127.8k.
  • Spanish Nationals: 2,453.0k.
  • Foreign Nationals: 674.8k.

Mobility among Unemployed:

  • Total: 138.6k moved in the past year.
  • Spanish Nationals: 57.8k.
  • Foreign Nationals: 80.8k.

Historical Perspective: The workforce has been growing steadily over the years, reaching 18,601k in the first quarter of 2023.

These insights shed light on Spain’s evolving labor landscape.