Multiple Vulnerabilities Detected in Mozilla Products

The Computer Emergency Response Team of France (CERT-FR) has issued an advisory regarding multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla products. These vulnerabilities present a range of risks, including remote arbitrary code execution, remote denial of service, data confidentiality breaches, data integrity compromise, and security policy circumvention.

The affected Mozilla products and versions are as follows:

  • Firefox versions prior to 118
  • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) versions prior to 115.3
  • Thunderbird versions prior to 115.3

Some of these vulnerabilities may enable attackers to execute arbitrary code remotely, launch remote denial of service attacks, and compromise data confidentiality.

To address these vulnerabilities and safeguard your systems, it is strongly recommended to refer to the security bulletins provided by Mozilla in the Documentation section. These bulletins contain information on obtaining the necessary patches and updates.