Vital Competence for Delivering Equal Services to All Population Segments

Vivi Marie Eira, a conciliation secretary with 17 years of experience, plays a key role in ensuring equitable police services.

Vivi Marie Eira has served in the conciliation council of the Finnmark Police District since 2006, now in Alta. This council handles civil disputes. Vivi’s ability to speak both Norwegian and Sami languages is crucial in serving the diverse local population.

Eira’s expertise helps resolve misunderstandings in cases involving money and debt, supporting the Sami community, a focus of the police’s diversity plan.

Her office recently provided guidance and Sami language assistance in Karasjok. Vivi learned Sami as an adult, enriching her career. This approach promotes equal services to all.

In her role, Eira encounters diverse individuals, making her job continuously rewarding. Her service is essential in delivering equitable services to the community.

17 Years in Service: Vivi Marie Eira, a Bridge to Equitable Services