CERT-FR Advisory: Vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox

The Computer Emergency Response Team for France (CERT-FR) has issued an advisory regarding the discovery of a vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox. Users are urged to take immediate action to address this security concern.

Summary of Vulnerability: A vulnerability has been identified in Mozilla Firefox, allowing an attacker to exploit unspecified security issues, the details of which have not been disclosed by the publisher. Notably, vulnerability CVE-2023-5217 is actively exploited in other products, as reported by Mozilla.

Affected Systems: The following versions are affected:

  • Firefox versions earlier than 118.0.1
  • Firefox ESR versions earlier than 115.3.1
  • Firefox Focus for Android versions earlier than 118.1
  • Firefox for Android versions earlier than 118.1

Recommended Actions: Users are strongly advised to update their Mozilla Firefox browser to version 118.0.1 (or 115.3.1 for Firefox ESR) or later to mitigate the risks associated with this vulnerability. For detailed information on the update and security patches, please refer to the publisher’s security bulletin, accessible without direct links.


  • Mozilla Security Advisory mfsa2023-44, September 28, 2023 (No direct link provided)
  • CVE-2023-5217

To enhance cybersecurity, users are encouraged to promptly apply the recommended updates and follow the guidance provided by Mozilla.