China Unveils Measures to Boost High-Quality Tourism Development

In line with the important directives of General Secretary Xi Jinping on cultural and tourism work, and the spirit of the Central Political Bureau meeting, the State Council Office has recently issued a set of measures titled “Several Measures to Unleash the Tourism Consumption Potential and Promote High-Quality Tourism Development” (referred to as “The Measures”). The aim is to enrich the supply of high-quality tourism, unleash tourism consumption potential, drive high-quality development in the tourism industry, and further meet the aspirations for a better life while leveraging the significant role of tourism in promoting economic and social development.

Key Highlights of “The Measures”:

  1. Enhancing Supply of Quality Tourism Products and Services:
    • Promoting the deep integration of culture and tourism.
    • Implementing projects for leisure vacations and quality sports tourism.
    • Upgrading rural tourism to enhance its quality and efficiency.
    • Developing eco-tourism products and expanding marine tourism offerings.
    • Optimizing tourism infrastructure investment and revitalizing idle tourism projects.
  2. Stimulating Tourism Consumption Demand:
    • Improving the tourism consumption environment.
    • Enhancing policies to benefit consumers.
    • Adjusting and optimizing the management of scenic areas.
    • Improving tourism transportation services.
    • Promoting orderly development of the night-time economy and encouraging regional cooperation.
  3. Strengthening Inbound Tourism:
    • Implementing plans to promote inbound tourism.
    • Optimizing visa and clearance policies.
    • Restoring and increasing international flights.
    • Enhancing services for inbound tourists.
    • Improving exit tax refund services.
  4. Enhancing Industry Comprehensive Capabilities:
    • Supporting the development of tourism enterprises.
    • Strengthening the construction of tour guide teams.
    • Improving the quality of tourism services.
    • Regulating the order of the tourism market.
  5. Ensuring Safeguards:
    • Improving the coordination mechanism for tourism work.
    • Strengthening policy guarantees.
    • Diversifying financing channels.
    • Ensuring land and talent support.
    • Enhancing tourism safety supervision.
    • Improving tourism statistical systems.

These measures are geared towards advancing the tourism sector’s contribution to the nation’s economic and social progress, and citizens are encouraged to explore the diverse offerings that China’s tourism has to offer.