Italy: Director General of ACN Emphasizes Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation

In a keynote address at the opening of Cybertech Europe 2023 at La Nuvola, Rome, Prefect Bruno Frattasi, Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN), underscored the indispensable role of cybersecurity in supporting Italy’s digital transformation efforts.

Frattasi highlighted that current and future digital risks are pervasive, necessitating a comprehensive perspective and collaboration across all sectors. The ACN, he noted, positions itself as a central pivot for this collaboration, providing general coordination and governance.

The Cybertech Europe 2023 event, organized by Cybertech Global in collaboration with Leonardo at the La Nuvola Convention Center, spans two days, October 3 and 4. It serves as a knowledge-sharing hub with in-depth discussions on the new frontiers of cyber technologies. Participants include representatives from public administrations, big tech, and major industrial players in communication and research fields.

Frattasi stressed the importance of proactive collaboration among all stakeholders, stating that the ACN is increasingly seeking top-notch professionals. He expressed satisfaction with the recent public competition and recruitment drives, signaling a positive response from the labor market.

Addressing emerging technological landscapes, such as quantum computing and algorithmic systems of artificial intelligence, Frattasi acknowledged both their potential benefits and the risks posed by hostile actors. He emphasized the ACN’s focus on these technologies and its commitment to artificial intelligence. The Director General outlined plans to leverage supercomputing capabilities, including a recent collaboration with the Interuniversity Consortium Cineca in Naples, involving academia and the technology industry.

Key speakers at the opening session included Guido Crosetto, the Minister of Defense, Roberto Cingolani, CEO and Director General of Leonardo, and Ivano Gabrielli, Director of the Cybercrime Police and Communications Services.

This event marks a crucial initiative in Italy’s cybersecurity strategy, acknowledging the evolving threat landscape and the need for collaborative efforts to safeguard the nation’s digital future.