Korea: Population Trends for July 2023 Revealed

The latest statistics from the Korean Statistical Office shed light on key demographic trends for July 2023. This information, aimed at informing the public about vital national activities, provides insights into population dynamics.

Population Highlights for July 2023:

  1. Births Decline: The number of newborns in July 2023 stood at 19,102, marking a 6.7% decrease compared to the same period last year.
  2. Rise in Mortality: A notable increase in the number of deaths was recorded, reaching 28,239, signifying an 8.3% surge compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.
  3. Marriage Decrease: The number of marriages reported was 14,155, indicating a 5.3% decline from the previous year.
  4. Stable Divorce Rates: Despite a general decline in marriage, divorces remained relatively stable, with 7,500 cases reported, representing a marginal 0.5% decrease from the previous year.
  5. Natural Decrease in Population: The natural increase, calculated as births minus deaths, resulted in a negative figure of -9,137, underscoring a net decrease in population due to more deaths than births.

These statistics, outlined in the “인구동향” report for July 2023, provide a comprehensive overview of the demographic landscape. The decrease in births and the increase in mortality signal potential challenges for policymakers, emphasizing the need for targeted strategies to address demographic shifts.