Danish National Bank Reports Changes in Valuation and Liquidity for September 2023

Denmark’s valuta reserve decreased in September 2023, settling at 605.8 billion kr., reflecting the state’s net repayment of foreign loans totaling 0.6 billion kr. The Nationalbanken chose not to intervene in the foreign exchange market during the month.

In terms of liquidity, the state exhibited a net financing need of -14.5 billion kr. for September and 3.5 billion kr. since the beginning of the year. Financial institutions’ position vis-à-vis the Nationalbanken increased by 12.5 billion kr., reaching a credit balance of 291.8 billion kr., and the state’s liquidity impact elevated the net position by 11.0 billion kr.

Nationalbanken’s interest rates, effective since September 15, 2023, are as follows: Diskontoen at 3.60% p.a., Folio renten at 3.60% p.a., Udlånsrenten at 3.75% p.a., and Indskudsbevisrenten at 3.60% p.a.