Slight Increase in Rents for Newly Built Rental Apartments in Sweden in 2022

According to recent statistics from Statistics Sweden (SCB), the rent per square meter for newly built rental apartments in 2022 was SEK 1,886 per square meter for the entire country. This figure can be compared to 2021 when the corresponding amount was SEK 1,863 per square meter. It means that the rent for new construction was slightly over 1 percent higher compared to 2021 on a national level.

A newly built three-room and kitchen rental apartment in 2022 had an average rent of SEK 10,173 per month.

Differences Between Rent-Setting Models

The average rent per square meter in the country for newly built rental apartments in multi-family houses in 2022 that were granted investment support (*1) was SEK 1,685 per square meter. This can be compared to a presumptive rent of SEK 2,120 per square meter, a negotiated utility-based rent of SEK 1,942 per square meter, and individual rent negotiations at SEK 2,039 per square meter.

Highest Contribution in Greater Stockholm

For newly built condominiums in the country, the annual fee per square meter was SEK 706. The monthly fee for a newly built condominium in 2022 with three rooms and a kitchen was on average SEK 4,675.

The contributions for condominiums completed in 2022 in the country averaged SEK 3,078,000. The average residential area per condominium is 78 square meters.

Regional differences are significant. The contribution in 2022 for condominiums was highest in Greater Stockholm at SEK 4,078,000, followed by Greater Gothenburg at SEK 3,064,000. The lowest contribution was in municipalities with fewer than 75,000 inhabitants, where the contribution was SEK 2,458,000.

(*1) Here, “investment support” refers to rents set according to rent ceilings in properties that have received investment support under regulation 2016:880 or 2016:881. This is also a presumptive rent but with additions. This variant is being phased out.