Spain Sees a 13.9% Increase in International Tourist Arrivals in August 2023

In August 2023, Spain has recorded a significant increase of 13.9% in the arrival of international tourists compared to the same month last year, reaching a total of 10.1 million visitors.

Breakdown of Tourist Arrivals by Mode of Transportation:

  1. Air Transport:
    • Number of Tourists: 7,563,682
    • Variation: Increase of 11.77%
  2. Road (Car):
    • Number of Tourists: 2,194,576
    • Variation: Increase of 20.29%
  3. Rail Transport:
    • Number of Tourists: 43,850
    • Variation: Increase of 31.80%
  4. Maritime Transport:
    • Number of Tourists: 274,626
    • Variation: Increase of 22.55%

These figures reflect robust growth in tourist arrivals through various modes of transportation, with a notable increase in road and rail transport. The tourism industry in Spain continues its recovery from previous pandemic-related restrictions, contributing to the vitality of the sector and the country’s economy.

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