Spain’s Tourism Report for August 2023 Reveals Mixed Trends

In the latest press release from Spain’s Instituto Nacional de Estadística, the survey on occupancy in non-hotel tourist accommodations (EOAT) for August 2023 shows a 1.6% decline in overnight stays compared to the same month in 2022. However, cumulative stays since January have seen a positive trend, growing by 3.7%, surpassing 2019 figures by 3.9%.

Breaking down the data for August 2023:

  • Tourist Apartments:
    • Overnight Stays: 10,715,411 (-4.47%)
    • Average Stay: 5.85 days (-5.20%)
    • Occupancy Rate: 55.08% (-4.65%)
    • Apartment Prices Index: 196.86 (4.62% increase)

These figures suggest a nuanced landscape, with a monthly decline but an overall positive trajectory in 2023. The impact on the tourism sector is notable, especially concerning non-hotel accommodations. Stay tuned for further updates on Spain’s tourism trends.