Infrastructure Progress Across China: Major Developments Unveiled

As autumn unfolds, significant progress is evident in major construction projects across the country. Recent updates highlight advancements in infrastructure development in various regions.

In Shaanxi: Expansion of Jingkun Expressway Segment Completed

The expansion of the Jingkun Expressway segment from Pucheng to Laoyu achieved full connectivity, showcasing a new look with eight lanes in each direction. Spanning approximately 126 kilometers, the project, undertaken by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), utilized innovative construction methods, including the rapid dismantling of pedestrian bridges, ensuring uninterrupted highway operations during the construction. The upgraded segment enhances the traffic capacity and service level of Shaanxi’s highway network.

Xi’an Metro Line 1 Extension Opens

China Railway Construction Corporation’s (CRCC) involvement in the extension of Xi’an Metro Line 1 Phase III has recently commenced operations. This extension, connecting Xianyang West Station to Fenghe Forest Park Station, covering a distance of 10.61 kilometers, marks Xianyang’s entry into the “metro era,” seamlessly integrating with Xi’an’s urban rail transit network.

Hubei: Liujiagang Tunnel Shaft Successfully Excavated

In Hubei, the Liujiagang Tunnel, the longest on the Xiangjing High-Speed Railway, achieved a successful breakthrough in its inclined shaft, expediting tunnel construction. Covering a length of 3,210 meters, the tunnel is a critical component of the Xiangjing High-Speed Railway, linking Xiangyang City and Jingmen City. This accomplishment signals accelerated progress in tunnel construction during the recent Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays.

Sichuan: Milestone Reached in Tingzikou Irrigation Project

China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has surpassed half of the construction tasks in the first phase of the Tingzikou Irrigation Project II in Sichuan. The project involves the excavation of 35 water diversion tunnels, with the Dazhaizi Tunnel, spanning 7,129 meters, presenting significant engineering challenges due to complex geological conditions. The project team implemented specialized construction plans, including explosion-proof modifications, ventilation, and electrical system enhancements, ensuring the smooth progress of construction. Once completed, the project will cover an irrigation area of 1.36 million acres, benefiting approximately 2.45 million people.

Anhui: Successful Connection of Huaihong New River Viaduct in Hexin High-Speed Railway

In Anhui, the completion of the final concrete pouring marked the successful connection of the Huaihong New River Viaduct, a crucial part of the Hexin High-Speed Railway project undertaken by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). With a total length of approximately 15.4 kilometers, the viaduct is a challenging and controlled project in the Hexin High-Speed Railway. The project team implemented optimized construction organization plans, including the use of enclosed protection measures and additional protective platforms, ensuring the safety of construction workers and the smooth progress of the project. The Hexin High-Speed Railway, starting from Hefei City in Anhui to Xinyi City in Jiangsu, with a length of about 324 kilometers and a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour, will significantly enhance the layout of the national high-speed railway network and contribute to the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.

Jiangxi: Construction Progress in Sui-Da Expressway

In Jiangxi, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has initiated the construction of the first continuous girder bridge, the Fujiang No. 2 Viaduct, marking a significant milestone in the progress of the Sui-Da Expressway. Located in Dayu County, the viaduct spans approximately 1,182 meters and is a critical engineering component of the entire expressway. The Sui-Da Expressway, with a total length of about 127 kilometers, is a vital part of Jiangxi’s highway planning network. The completion of this project will play a crucial role in establishing a major transportation artery in the southwestern part of Jiangxi, contributing to the high-quality development of the revolutionary old areas.

Guangdong: Progress in the Zhanjiang Bay Subsea Tunnel of the Guangzhan High-Speed Railway

In Guangdong, within the subsea tunnel of the Zhanjiang Bay section of the Guangzhan High-Speed Railway, the “Yongxing” tunnel boring machine operated by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) is advancing continuously, working 24 hours a day to cover the final 1,000 meters. The Zhanjiang Bay Subsea Tunnel, with a total length of 9,640 meters and a diameter of 14.33 meters, is currently the longest single-head excavation distance for a subsea high-speed railway tunnel in China.

The completion of this project will significantly contribute to improving transportation efficiency in the Guangdong-Zhanjiang region.