Spain’s Extrahotel Tourism Sees August Decline

In the latest press release from Spain’s National Institute of Statistics, the Extrahotel Tourism Occupancy Survey (EOAT) for August 2023 reveals a 1.6% decrease in overnight stays compared to the same month in 2022. However, cumulative overnight stays from January show a 3.7% growth, surpassing the figures from the same period in 2019 by 3.9%.

Key Figures for Rural Tourism – August 2023:

  • Overnight Stays: 2,408,605 (Decrease of 1.99%)
  • Average Stay (Days): 3.72 (Decrease of 2.08%)
  • Occupancy Rate per Place (%): 42.55 (Decrease of 4.45%)
  • Accommodation Prices for Rural Tourism (Index): 168.55 (Increase of 4.69%)

While August experienced a dip in key indicators, the cumulative growth suggests a positive trend in extrahotel tourism for 2023. The decrease in occupancy rate and average stay may warrant further analysis, and the increase in accommodation prices signals potential shifts in consumer behavior or market dynamics.

For a comprehensive overview of the EOAT results, including detailed data on different types of accommodations and geographical breakdowns, please refer to the full report from the National Institute of Statistics.