Security Alert: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Kernel

In a recent advisory, CERT-FR highlighted multiple vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. These flaws pose risks such as remote code execution, security policy circumvention, and compromise of data confidentiality. Users are urged to refer to the security bulletin from Ubuntu for patches. The vulnerabilities include CVE-2023-1206, CVE-2023-20569, CVE-2023-2156, CVE-2023-3338, CVE-2023-38432, CVE-2023-3863, CVE-2023-3865, CVE-2023-3866, CVE-2023-4132, CVE-2023-4155, CVE-2023-4194, CVE-2023-4273, and CVE-2023-44466. Stay secure by applying necessary updates promptly.