Spanish Companies in Groups Contribute 64.9% to Industry, Trade, and Non-Financial Services Turnover in 2021

The latest statistical report on Companies According to Group Membership for the year 2021 reveals that resident companies in Spain that are part of groups accounted for 64.9% of the turnover in Industry, Trade, and Non-Financial Services. The subsidiaries of foreign multinational groups generated a total turnover of 591.963 billion euros and employed 2,014,409 people. France, Germany, and the United States had subsidiaries with the highest turnover.

Here is a breakdown of Spanish companies in the industry, trade, and non-financial services sector based on their group membership in the year 2021:

  • Total Companies: 2,926,717
  • Total Employees: 13,229,820
  • Total Turnover (in thousands of euros): 2,156,193,941
  • Not Part of a Business Group:
    • Number of Companies: 2,871,448
    • Employees: 7,853,868
    • Turnover: 757,462,179
  • Part of a Business Group:
    • Number of Companies: 55,269
    • Employees: 5,375,951
    • Turnover: 1,398,731,762
      • Domestic Group: 34,497 companies, 1,752,502 employees, turnover of 325,481,887 euros
      • Spanish Multinational Group: 6,011 companies, 1,609,040 employees, turnover of 481,286,755 euros
      • Foreign Multinational Group: 14,761 companies, 2,014,409 employees, turnover of 591,963,119 euros

This data underscores the significant contribution of group-affiliated companies to the economic landscape in Spain, with multinational subsidiaries playing a substantial role in the country’s business activities.