Canada Reports COVID-19 Snapshot – October 2023

In the latest update on the COVID-19 situation in Canada, the data reveals a total of 4,341,432 reported cases. The breakdown sheds light on hospitalizations, intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, and mortality, offering valuable insights into the pandemic’s impact on different segments of the population.

Hospitalization Overview:

  • Hospitalized: 251,951
  • Not Hospitalized: 1,421,033
  • Hospitalization Status Not Stated: 2,668,448

ICU Admissions:

  • Admitted to ICU: 35,751
  • Not Admitted to ICU: 1,637,233
  • ICU Admittance Status Not Stated: 2,668,448

Mortality Figures:

  • Deceased: 34,952
  • Not Deceased: 2,666,309
  • Death Status Not Stated: 1,640,171

These numbers underscore the ongoing need for vigilance and targeted efforts in managing the pandemic. Tracking specific indicators like hospitalizations and mortality rates aids in refining public health strategies. The data serves as a crucial tool in the ongoing battle against COVID-19, guiding authorities to address the evolving challenges posed by the virus.