CISA Sparks Global Cybersecurity Movement at Singapore International Cyber Week

In a bid to fortify global cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) launches a collaborative initiative, “Secure Our World,” during the ongoing Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Alaina Clark, Assistant Director for Stakeholder Engagement, announced the program at Singapore International Cyber Week, emphasizing the need for international cooperation in the face of evolving cyber threats.

CISA’s partners from around the world gathered at the event, discussing the urgency of collective efforts to ensure a safe and secure digital landscape. As cyber threats grow in sophistication, the initiative aims to empower individuals, businesses, and technology manufacturers with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance online safety.

Key principles of “Secure Our World” include:

  1. Strong Password Practices: Encouraging the use of long, random, and unique passwords for each account, facilitated by password managers.
  2. Multifactor Authentication Advocacy: Urging the adoption of multifactor authentication on critical accounts, enhancing security beyond passwords.
  3. Phishing Awareness: Promoting vigilance against phishing attempts, emphasizing the importance of verifying unsolicited communications.
  4. Software Update Advocacy: Stressing the importance of regular software updates and enabling automatic updates to maintain device security.

The program extends beyond October, aiming to sustain cybersecurity discussions throughout the year. Tailored for various audiences, “Secure Our World” addresses the specific challenges faced by individuals, families, small and medium-sized businesses, and technology manufacturers.

For individuals and families, the focus is on securing personal accounts, practicing safe internet browsing, and safeguarding personal information online. Small and medium-sized businesses receive tools and resources to enhance their cybersecurity posture, contributing to the safety of employees, customers, and communities.

In the realm of technology manufacturing, the initiative advocates for building security features into products by design, ensuring default settings protect against common threats without requiring additional user actions.

CISA has released resources, including the first-ever CISA Public Service Announcement and a Partner Toolkit, to facilitate easy dissemination of cybersecurity practices. These resources, offered in multiple languages, aim to strengthen the global cybersecurity fabric.

CISA’s voluntary partnership model forms the foundation of the initiative, with the agency inviting organizations to join the cause. To learn more about becoming a partner, visit the CISA webpage and contribute to securing our world year-round.