Security Alert: Critical Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge

The CERT-FR (Governmental Center for Monitoring, Alert, and Response to Computer Attacks) has issued a notice regarding multiple critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge. These vulnerabilities, referenced as CVE-2023-5487, CVE-2023-5486, CVE-2023-5485, CVE-2023-5484, CVE-2023-5483, CVE-2023-5481, CVE-2023-5479, CVE-2023-5478, CVE-2023-5477, CVE-2023-5476, CVE-2023-5475, CVE-2023-5474, CVE-2023-5473, CVE-2023-5218, and CVE-2023-36559, allow an attacker to cause unspecified security issues and perform identity theft.

Risk Summary:

  • Risk not specified by the publisher.
  • Potential for identity theft.

Affected Systems: Microsoft Edge versions earlier than 118.0.2088.46.

Solution: Users are strongly encouraged to apply the patches provided by Microsoft. Details and specific fixes are available in Microsoft’s security bulletin dated October 15, 2023.

Note: For detailed information, please refer to the official security bulletin from Microsoft.