Spain: Financial Overview by Institutional Sector – 2022 Data (Provisional)

The financial snapshot of Spain for 2022, in provisional figures, reveals a varied landscape:

  1. Total Economy: Shows a positive surplus of €20.7 billion, with a 1.5% increase, contributing 1.5% to the GDP.
  2. Non-Financial Corporations: Enjoy a robust surplus of €41.6 billion, marking a significant 3.1% annual uptick, constituting 3.1% of the GDP.
  3. Financial Institutions: Positively positioned with a surplus of €40.4 billion, demonstrating a 3.0% annual growth, contributing 3.0% to the GDP.
  4. Public Administrations: Face a deficit of €63.7 billion, with a 4.7% reduction, impacting the GDP negatively by 4.7%.
  5. Households: Experience a deficit of €2.3 billion, with a 0.2% decrease, influencing the GDP by -0.2%.
  6. ISFLSH: (Institutions without Lucrative Purpose in Service to Households) Report a positive surplus of €4.8 billion, growing by 0.4%, contributing 0.4% to the GDP.
  7. Household Savings Rate: Stands at 7.1%, witnessing a 6.4% decrease.

This concise overview showcases the nuanced financial dynamics within Spain, with sectors displaying both positive and challenging financial positions.