Decline in Non-Hotel Tourist Stays in Spain: August 2023 Report

The latest survey on non-hotel tourist accommodations in Spain reveals a 1.6% decrease in overnight stays compared to August 2022. Despite this monthly decline, the cumulative overnight stays since January have seen a positive growth of 3.7%, surpassing the figures for the same period in 2019 by 3.9%.

Specifically focusing on hostels in August 2023:

  • Overnight Stays: 977,886 (Decrease of 0.32%)
  • Average Stay Duration: 1.73 days (Decrease of 4.97%)
  • Occupancy Rate per Bed: 37.51% (Decrease of 6.97%)

The data indicates a dip in both the number of overnight stays and the average duration of stays in hostels. Furthermore, the occupancy rate per bed has experienced a notable decline, reflecting challenges in the non-hotel tourist accommodation sector for the specified period.

This decline may be influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, travel restrictions, or shifts in tourist preferences. Monitoring these trends will be crucial for understanding the evolving landscape of Spain’s tourism industry.