CERT-FR Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities in DebianLTS Linux Kernel

In a recent advisory, the French Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-FR) highlighted multiple vulnerabilities in the DebianLTS Linux kernel, posing significant risks to systems. The identified threats include arbitrary code execution, compromise of data integrity and confidentiality, security policy bypass, denial of service, and privilege escalation.

The affected systems are those running Debian 10 Buster versions earlier than 5.10.197-1~deb10u1.

DebianLTS has released patches to address these vulnerabilities, as outlined in their security bulletin DLA-3623-1 dated October 19, 2023.

For detailed information and patches, refer to the official documentation: DebianLTS Security Bulletin.

The risks associated with these vulnerabilities underscore the critical importance of promptly applying the provided security updates to ensure the robustness and security of DebianLTS Linux systems.