Public Concerns in Great Britain: October 4-15, 2023

In the latest survey, key concerns for adults in Great Britain remain consistent. The top issues include the cost of living (90%), the NHS (86%), the economy (72%), climate change and the environment (62%), and housing (57%).

Notably, 52% of adults observed an increase in their cost of living compared to the previous month, indicating a decline from 79% in a similar period one year ago.

Specifically, 93% of those facing rising living costs reported increased food prices, 70% experienced higher fuel prices, and 59% noted an uptick in gas or electricity bills.

Housing-related challenges are evident, with 40% of those paying rent or a mortgage reporting increased payments in the past six months, a rise from 33% a year ago. Additionally, 43% found it difficult to afford these housing payments, reflecting an increase from 30% in the same period last year.