Korea’s Employment Landscape in August 2023: Insights from Economic Activity Survey

The latest data from the Statistics Korea reveals key insights into the economic activities of the population, particularly focusing on employment patterns in August 2023. Here are the highlights:

1. Overall Employment Trends:

  • Total Workforce: The survey indicates a total workforce of 81.2 million, witnessing a decrease of 34,000 compared to the same period last year.
  • Regular Employees: The number of regular employees increased by 264,000, reaching a total of 13.83 million.

2. Types of Employment:

  • Temporary Workers (5.26 million): Experienced a decrease of 89,000 compared to the previous year.
  • Non-typical Workers (1.96 million): Saw a decrease of 174,000.
  • Part-time Workers (3.87 million): Witnessed an increase of 186,000.

3. Gender Disparities:

  • Male Workers (3.56 million): Experienced a decrease of 96,000.
  • Female Workers (4.57 million): Saw an increase of 62,000.

4. Age Distribution:

  • Age 60 and above (2.62 million): The largest age group in the workforce.
  • Age 50s (1.63 million): Second highest.
  • Age 29 and below (1.58 million): Third highest.

5. Proportion of Non-Regular Workers:

  • Non-Regular Workers’ Proportion: 37.0%, showing a 0.5 percentage point decrease from the same period last year.