China’s Central Bank Advances Theme Education on Xi Jinping Thought

The People’s Bank of China convened the second phase of the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. The meeting, held on October 27, focused on in-depth learning of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent important speeches and directives on theme education.

Key Points:

  • The study session emphasized Xi Jinping’s crucial guidance on theme education.
  • The Central Discipline Inspection Commission, the National Supervisory Commission, and the 18th Central Inspection Team attended the meeting to guide and instruct the education initiative.
  • The People’s Bank of China reported on the progress of the second phase of theme education and received directives for the next steps.
  • Qu Jishan, Head of the Central Inspection Team, spoke at the meeting, acknowledging the rapid and effective implementation of theme education within the People’s Bank of China.
  • Qu Jishan urged a political focus, problem-oriented approach, and thorough implementation of theme education tasks.

Qu Jishan highlighted that since the initiation of the second phase of theme education, the People’s Bank of China has diligently implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s essential guidance. The leadership’s prompt mobilization and deployment, coupled with strong guidance, propelled the successful implementation of the second phase.

While acknowledging the achievements, Qu Jishan pointed out some existing issues in the theme education work. He stressed the need for heightened attention and effective measures to address these challenges.

Qu Jishan emphasized the following points:

  1. Elevate political awareness and adhere to a problem-oriented approach.
  2. Fulfill the primary responsibility for theme education, focusing on issues highlighted by the central leadership.
  3. Top leaders must assume their responsibilities, and team members should guide effectively.
  4. Pay attention to grassroots party organizations, ensuring a thorough and effective theme education at county-level branches.

Qu Jishan called for scientific work methods, prioritizing key areas, classifying issues, strengthening overall coordination, and preventing formalism and bureaucracy.

The meeting, conducted via video, included members of the People’s Bank of China’s leadership team, the 18th Central Inspection Team, representatives from central and provincial branches, and officials responsible for theme education.