Security Advisory – Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge

CERT-FR issues a security advisory regarding multiple vulnerabilities identified in Microsoft Edge, posing potential risks to system security. The details are as follows:

Reference: CERTFR-2023-AVI-0898


  • Not specified by the publisher
  • Remote arbitrary code execution

Affected Systems: Microsoft Edge versions prior to 118.0.2088.76

Summary: Several vulnerabilities have been discovered and addressed in Microsoft Edge. These flaws could be exploited by an attacker to trigger remote arbitrary code execution, along with a security issue not specified by the publisher.

Solution: Refer to the publisher’s security bulletin for obtaining the necessary patches (cf. section Documentation).


  • Bulletin de sécurité Microsoft du 29 octobre 2023
  • Bulletin de sécurité Microsoft CVE-2023-5472 du 29 octobre 2023
  • Bulletin de sécurité Microsoft CVE-2023-44323 du 29 octobre 2023
  • Référence CVE CVE-2023-5472
  • Référence CVE CVE-2023-44323