Australia’s Mosaic: A Snapshot of Diverse Roots in the Land Down Under

Australia’s estimated resident population (ERP) by country of birth, released on October 31, 2023, paints a vivid picture of the nation’s demographic tapestry. Here are key highlights from the latest release:

  1. Population Composition:
    • At 30 June 2022, Australia’s ERP stood at 26.0 million, comprising 18.3 million Australian-born residents and 7.7 million born overseas.
    • The proportion of Australia’s overseas-born population increased to 29.5% in 2022, up from 29.3% the previous year.
  2. Top Countries of Birth:
    • England, India, China, and New Zealand contributed the largest groups of migrants, together constituting over one-third of all overseas-born residents.
    • The English-born group remains the largest, though its population has steadily decreased since 2013.
    • India recorded the most substantial increase among migrants since 2012.
  3. Impact of COVID-19:
    • In 2022, there was an annual growth of 155,000 people in the overseas-born population, despite challenges posed by the pandemic.
    • The proportion of Australia’s overseas-born population continued to rise, reflecting the nation’s resilience.
  4. State Dynamics:
    • Western Australia led the states and territories with the highest proportion of migrants, accounting for 34% of its population.
    • Tasmania had the lowest proportion at 16%.
  5. Age and Structure:
    • The age structure of the Australian-born and overseas-born populations differs. Children make up the largest age groups among the Australian-born, while migrants tend to be in their thirties.
    • In 2022, the highest proportion of the overseas-born population fell in the 35-39 age group.
  6. Median Age:
    • The median age for the Australian-born population increased from 32 years in 2002 to 35 years in 2022.
    • The overseas-born population’s median age fluctuated but stabilized at 45 years in 2022.
  7. Historical Context:
    • Since the first country-wide census in 1891, the proportion of Australia’s population born overseas has experienced fluctuations, influenced by historical events and migration patterns.