Spain’s Population Sees Growth in Q3 2023: Latest Press Release

Spain’s population experienced a surge in the third quarter of 2023, adding 118,667 individuals to reach a total of 48,446,594 residents. The Balearic Islands, Valencia, and the Community of Madrid led the way with the most significant increases, at 0.45%, 0.45%, and 0.42%, respectively.

Key Statistics:

  • Total Population: 48,446,594 (1.10% increase)
  • Men: 23,726,731 (1.05% increase)
  • Women: 24,719,863 (1.14% increase)
  • Foreign Residents: 6,373,463 (7.59% increase)

Notable Trends:

  1. Gender Distribution: Both male and female populations showed positive growth, with women slightly outpacing men.
  2. Foreign Residents: The foreign resident population experienced a remarkable 7.59% increase, highlighting Spain’s attractiveness to international residents.
  3. Regional Highlights: The Balearic Islands, Valencia, and the Community of Madrid stood out with the most substantial population growth during this period.

This provisional data provides a snapshot of Spain’s demographic landscape, reflecting overall growth and specific regional trends.