Swedish Youth Experience Navy Life During Internship at Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla

Fifteen 15-year-olds recently concluded a week-long internship at the Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla in Sweden. Engaging in various activities such as setting up tents, water exercises, driving combat boats, signaling, fire building, visiting corvettes, mine-clearance, and support vessels, the students gained insights into naval life.

The mornings began with physical training and activities like water exercises and navigating obstacle courses. The interns also had the opportunity to learn about maritime operations and experience life on a naval base.

Ellen, one of the participants, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “It’s been great. You become very close with the people you’re with. In just this week, I’ve made many good friends.”

The program aimed to provide motivated young individuals with a keen interest in the military and navy an opportunity to explore and understand the armed forces. This year, the Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla welcomed twice as many interns compared to the previous year.

The internship included various physical challenges, team-building activities, and exposure to different aspects of naval operations. For many participants, it was a chance to step out of their comfort zones, make new friends, and gain insights into a career in the navy.

Simon, another intern, mentioned, “If you’re considering an internship here, be prepared to make new friends and try many new things you’ve never done before. It’s been a week of experiencing a lot, and it feels great.”

The program not only provided the students with practical knowledge but also allowed them to witness the camaraderie and teamwork within the armed forces. Mikaela Dale, responsible for the internship program, highlighted the transformation of the students from shy 15-year-olds to a group working together to complete tasks efficiently.

For the staff at the Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla, the week was rewarding, offering a glimpse into military life for the young participants. The program concluded with a ceremony where the interns, now equipped with a better understanding of naval operations, received certificates for their participation.