Spain’s Business Landscape in 2021: Robust Growth Amidst Flux

Spain’s economic vitality shines through as recent data on Harmonized Business Demographics for 2021 unveils promising figures. With a total of 3,416,248 active companies, the nation experienced the birth of 314,033 enterprises and the closure of 250,182, resulting in a commendable net growth rate of 1.9%. Notably, 45.4% of businesses born in 2016 successfully navigated the critical five-year mark.

Breaking down the statistics by sector:

  • Total Sectors: 3,416,248 companies, Birth Rate 9.2%, Death Rate 7.3%
  • Industry: 194,308 companies, Birth Rate 5.3%, Death Rate 5.1%
  • Construction: 407,702 companies, Birth Rate 9.7%, Death Rate 7.2%
  • Commerce: 729,343 companies, Birth Rate 8.1%, Death Rate 7.5%
  • Other Services: 2,084,895 companies, Birth Rate 9.8%, Death Rate 7.5%

These figures not only reflect Spain’s resilient business ecosystem but also showcase the diverse sectors contributing to its economic tapestry. For a deeper dive into the statistics, interested parties can explore the official website.