Unemployment Rate in Spain Shows Improvement in 2022

The recently released data on Spain’s unemployment rate for 2022 reveals positive trends. The national unemployment rate stands at 12.9%, showcasing a notable decrease from the 14.8% recorded in the previous year.

In a regional breakdown, Ceuta (28.4%), Melilla (21.6%), and Andalusia (19.0%) reported the highest unemployment rates, while the Basque Country (8.6%), Aragón (9.2%), and Cantabria (9.4%) demonstrated the lowest figures.

Analyzing individual characteristics, the data shows that women faced a slightly higher unemployment rate at 14.8%, compared to men at 11.3%. Among age groups, young individuals (16 to 24 years old) experienced the highest unemployment rate, reaching 29.8%.

Education played a significant role, with higher education levels correlating with lower unemployment rates. Furthermore, in terms of nationality, individuals with foreign nationality from non-EU countries reported the highest unemployment rate at 20.8%, while Spanish nationals had a comparatively lower rate at 11.9%.

These insights provide a nuanced understanding of Spain’s employment landscape, indicating areas of improvement and challenges that need attention.